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Needing a new look for spring? How about swanning around the office in the latest style from Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán?
...dial 1-900-bald white guy and kick those family appropriate thoughts.. .
...Bob tried this with shallots in his shorts but it didn't have the same effect.
Keeping company with Making A Murderer and that Adam Sandler western in the top most watched shows on the world's most popular ossilating fan. No fooling. It even has it's own movie trailer. https://www...
Bob would ABSOLUTLEY plotz if one of these turned up on his desk. *HINT*
...and the weathly are buying these things BY THE DOZEN.
Want to see your face and head on a teeny Lego? Want to scar your kids for life? Check this out.
At the same age Bob was working at the car wash, Bowie was A) Rich B) Famous C) Owned several dozen car washes. At the same age Bob finally moved into a furnished apartment, Bowie was being slapped by Lou Reed. How do you stack up to Bowie? Enter your age here:
Remember, these ain't cheep.