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High Five's For Feline Lives!

It's National High Five Day!

Bob has seen no one but his cat so far today on National High Five Day, so, he gave one to his cat and called it a day. 

Leave it to Bob to somehow accidentally be on trend.

Today on National High Five day, Jackson Galaxy is helping cats in shelters by giving away thousands of dollars in cash grants and 10,000 food bowls of organic food for the best high five cat video or picture!

There's a guide on how to easily teach your cat, or even the neighborhood cats how to high five If you feel that maybe your cat won't know how to respond to your pawsitive hand gestures.

Animal Shelters aren't the only one's who can get involved. You can too: simply take a photo or video paw to paw with your cat and post to any social media site!

Let's give ALL the high five's to the felines today!

Be sure to tag @TheJacksonGalaxyProject and @HaloPets with the hashtags #CatPawsitive and #NationalHighFiveDay2018

For more information visit



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