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How to Use Apple Pay While Shop This Weekend

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner! This year, if you're thinking you want to deck out your home with locally created decorations or if you're planning on having a table setting that looks like it came straight out of Pinterest, we've got a few suggestions that won't hit you where it hurts - your wallet!

This weekend at certain locations on South Congress, The Drag, and 2nd Street you can get exclusive discounts just by using Apple Pay. It's the easy way to make safe and secure purchases without worrying about losing your wallet. You can also send and receive payments from your friends while you're out and about.

This weekend, Nov. 11th-12th, Apple is helping you keep your money here in Austin with exclusive deals. Get a glimpse of some of the places you can stop by on South Congress:

  • Take 10% off at Allens Boots
  • 10% off at Amy's on Ice cream and hot chocolate
  • 10% off non-alcoholic beverages at Apanas (sorry adults!)
  • Spend $50 and get 20% off of at Big Top
  • 10% off your order at Burro
  • 15% off your order at Juice Austin

For the full list, just check out Apple Pay

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