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Mmmm... Here's a Map of the Most Popular Christmas Candy in Every State

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With all due respect to Jesus... Christmas is NOTHING without some good candy.

According to a new study, Americans will spend a whopping 1.93 billion bucks on Christmas candy this year, and it turns out that every state likes to spend their money a little differently. Check out the map of each state's Christmas candy of choice down below! Here's some of the key findings and a few random trivia bits for you:

  • M&M's and Pez both tied for the lead, having the most sales in eight states each. 
  • Traditional Christmas favs finished in a close second, with candy canes reigning in seven states, and peppermint bark taking four.
  • "Reindeer corn" (AKA the candy corn industry's way of staying relevant for an extra month) took the surprising lead in Alabama, Michigan, and Utah.
  • Approximately 150 million chocolate Santas are made every year!
  • The biggest candy cane in the world was 51 feet long and made in Switzerland.



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