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Shh...Best Secret Menu Items

Bob doesn't always go to fast food restaurants. But when he does, he exclusively orders off their secret menus.

Don't know what's on them? Bob's got you covered. Check out which restaurants will whip up something not advertised on their menu and Bob's favorite secret items.

DISCLAIMER: Not all restaurants recognize these secret menus. So, if you're getting a weird look, don't blame Bob and just explain what you want!


Frito Pie: Ask for chili and cheese on a bed of Fritos Corn Chips.


Liquid Cocaine: Ask for 4 shots of espresso, 4 pumps of white chocolate cyrup, ice and cream (or milk)


Burritodilla: Ask for your favorite burrito with half the fillings to be grilled like a quesadilla.


Grilled Cheese: Ask for a "grilled cheese" and any toppings you want.

This list is certainly not extensive, so if you want to learn more about the secret of these restaurants and more, check out #hackthemenu.

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