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Updated - Flood rescuers and victims need donations!

(from - SAN MARCOS, Texas -- The donation center for flood victims in San Marcos is in immediate need of supplies to help flood victims and volunteers clean up damage and provide items for those affected by the storms.

The central distribution point at 200 Springtown Way for goods going out to other distribution centers in Hays County also has a distribution center at that same location for victims needing supplies.

Needed immediately are:

-Rubber boots (critical need)

-Work gloves (each worker can use several pairs per day!)

-Large squeegees with mop handles for cleaning floors and walls (critical need)

-Sun screen

-Shampoo and conditioner

-Body wash

-Hand wash

-All types of cleaning supplies

-Laundry detergent

-Disinfectant wipes

-Floor cleaner and disinfectants such as Lysol (critical need)

-Toilet paper

-Paper towels

Volunteers to help with a variety of needs, including sorting and distributing relief items as well as other tasks, are also needed. Persons who want to volunteer should call 512-754-2275 or go by one of two volunteer centers to register and get a wristband in Wimberley at Cypress Creek Church 211 Stillwater and at San Marcos Plaza Park, 205 N. C.M. Allen Pkwy, San Marcos. Volunteers can also call 512-754-2275 for more information.

If you have large equipment to lend or organized groups of volunteers, send specifics to A volunteer reception center for Caldwell County, will open Saturday, May 30 at Martindale Baptist Church, 12351 Hwy 142 in Martindale.

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