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Bob says be careful of the tiny air shaft vulnerability....It will destroy the waffle.
Now Bob knows why ZZ Top has lasted so long....
Bob says, how about a painting that features hoarders?
Phil is hoping to give us another day in paradise, but some people aren't so keen. Check out the full story below!
There are five distinct artists who are capable of convincing people to pay money for music. Adele is one of them and she is here to save the day with her new album coming out soon.
Bob thinks we should get some swimmers to wear these at Lake Travis, especially Devil's Cove.
Go ahead, frame your tattoos... Bob's tattoo he got in college of a seahorse will go with him to the grave.
Madonna helped a man propose to his girlfriend in the middle of her performance. If only all proposals were that action-packed! Check out the video in the link below.
This year's AMA's will be a major party to attend with Jennifer Lopez as the host. Mark your calendars for November 22nd! ABC will air the show live from Los Angeles' Microsoft Theater. The ARTIST OF THE YEAR category features 10 nominees with non-other-than Taylor Swift as the...