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Verizon Offering Free Data to Select Customers Affected by Tropical Storm Harvey

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Verizon Wireless has announced that effective August 26th through September 8th, they will be offering 3GB of bonus data to qualified Texas counties affected by Tropical Storm Harvey.

For postpaid Verizon customers, the wireless company has said customers may still receive data overage charges, however they will cover the charges on your next bill cycle.

For prepaid Verizon customers, Verizon is offering 3GB of bonus data to the qualified counties.

Customers are encouraged to visit their local stores or call customer care at 1.888.294.6804 with any questions or concerns about the offer.

Qualified ZIP codes:

Zip Code County

78012    Atascosa

78050    Atascosa

78062    Atascosa

78008    Atascosa

78011    Atascosa

78026    Atascosa

78052    Atascosa

78064    Atascosa

78065    Atascosa

78602    Bastrop

78612    Bastrop

78621    Bastrop

78650    Bastrop

78659    Bastrop

78662    Bastrop

78953    Bastrop

78957    Bastrop

78069    Bexar

78622    Caldwell

78661    Caldwell

78616    Caldwell

78644    Caldwell

78648    Caldwell

78655    Caldwell

78656    Caldwell

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