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Bob for President Welcome Sign

Things have changed in the four years since the last presidential election. In 2008, we were barely aware of things like Twitter, iPads, and Kardashians. And now, try as he may, BOB can't escape them. So more than ever, our country calls out for a hero who can champion the American people, affect change, and lead our great nation into the promiseland. Is BOB the guy to answer that call? He’s not quite sure. But he had such a blast the last time, he figures, why not do again? That’s right. BOB is rallying the Party Party and making another run for president! Does he know how to balance the budget? He doesn’t even know his own PIN number. Can he stimulate the economy? The word “stimulate” makes him giggle.

So, why should you vote a guy like BOB into the White House? Because the man knows how to party. And right now, what this nation needs is to kick back, let loose and throw down. We need to raise the roof as well as the bar. It’s time for little bit of country and a WHOLE lotta rock and roll. Just because it’s 2012 doesn’t mean we can’t still party like it’s 1999. We have to stop fighting each other and start fighting for our right to party. Fist bumps and high fives need to come together in one glorious, celebratory smack of freedom. Yes. BOB has a vision. And that vision is filled with delicious, creamy democratic goodness for a better tomorrow and a future we can all get down with. No. He doesn’t know how we’re gonna get there, but he’ll make sure we have one hell of time on the way.

A vote for BOB is a vote for the Party Party.
And the Party Party bleeds red, white…and you.

Bob's Cabinet
Cabine Set One
Cabine Set Two
Cabine Set Three
Cabine Set Four
Cabine Set Five

Which of these real political terms sounds funniest to you?

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