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BOB's 9@9- 1985

Monday, January, 29th

Katrina & The Waves                              -Walking On Sunshine          
John Parr                                            -St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)
Hooters                                                           -And We Danced                
Alphaville                                                        -Forever Young                
Talking Heads                                                  -And She Was                  
Harold Faltermeyer                                       -Axel F Theme                 
Bryan Adams                                                  -Summer Of '69                
ZZ Top                                                                -Sleeping Bag                 
Foreigner                                            -I Want To Know What Love Is  

Bob Explains His 1985: Don't Mess With Texas... & Pizza!

Bob recalls 1985 as the start of his love for recycling, in Texas. It was then that the slogan "Don't Mess With Texas" began, and it was those words that fueled Bob. It might be difficult to believe it started as a campaign to bring an end to littering, but, it was, and it worked like magic. Bob explains he no longer litters in Texas, he just goes to other states to be messy. This was also the year the "package saver" was invented. Bob's explanation of the "package saver" is "that little plastic thingy that saves the pizza from the top of the box." It really was all about the reduce, reuse, recycle, Texas rules mentality after that. 1985 taught Bob a lot about being green... he's recycled at least a thousand pizza savers since then, in Texas at least.

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