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BOB's 9@9- 1991

Friday, January, 26th

Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch                          -Good Vibrations               
Extreme                                                                      -More Than Words               
Tara Kemp                                                                    -Hold You Tight                
EMF                                                                                 -Unbelievable                  
Divinyls                                                                         -I Touch Myself                
Amy Grant                                                                        -Baby Baby                     
Michael Jackson                                                         -Black Or White                
Marc Cohn                                                               -Walking In Memphis            
Surface                                                                         -The First Time        

Bob Explains His 1991- Nevermind:

Someone recently saw a picture of Bob and asked why his pants looked like parachutes. Bob disliked having to explain 1991. He just told them, "I blame the 90's." Even after the rise of grunge bands, like Nirvana, and their relationship with plaid, Bob could never get rid of his parachute pants. The truth is, he loves them so much because he is able to sneak more snacks into the movies. And, well, sneak more Bob post snacks into the pants. It was never about the trend, always about the snacks.



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