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10 Songs That Seem To Never End

Guinness Book Of World Record Holder For Longest Song Recorded To Date

Bob remembers the days when songs could only fit on one side of the rotating disc. A solid 4 minutes was all that could fit. That set the standard of song length up until the LP, and then artists could fit 22 minutes on one side of the rotating disc. With the advancement of technology there is now really no limit as to how long an artist can make a song. As it stands, the Guinness Book Of World Record has the longest song at 13 hours 23 minutes and 32 seconds. You read that correctly. Here's a list Bob compiled of 10 songs he thinks are too long. 


#10 Led Zeppelin- "Stairway to Heaven" (8:02)

Maybe what Zeppelin was trying to accomplish with the length of this song was how long it might actually take someone to ascend the stairway? Just a Bob theory.


#9 Prince- "Purple Rain" (8:42)

There's nothing like making it almost 9 minutes then being left with seemingly random tinks on a piano and a soaring violin. When a man is in the zone, don't distract him!


#8 Lynyrd Skynrd- "Freebird" (9:08)

This song somehow is known all around the world. Even if people don't know it, they still know it. Fly high, freebird.


#7 David Bowie- "Station to Station" (10:14)

This song is like a lasagna, the more you dig into it, the more interesting it becomes. There's a lot going on in these 10 minutes, very much like a funk rollercoaster. 


#6 Donna Summer- "Love to Love You Baby" (16:54)

The disco era was all about disco dancing, non-stop. This song was perfect because it outlasted every dancer. It was playing long after the disco ball lights stopped shining. 


#5 Rush- "2112" (20:33)

This song was written in seven parts about a dystopian future without music. I guess they didn't get the memo from the future because they kept playing for 20 minutes straight. 


#4 Pink Floyd- "Echoes" (23:31)

Their name is synonymous with songs that go on and on and on. Bob chose this particular song because he felt that it would go really well with people who enjoy walking in nature. With the ambience in this song, you could close your eyes and feel as if you're in the forest.


#3 The Allman Brothers Band- "Mountain Jam" (33:41)

This song delivers exactly as titled. A jam session suitable for the mountain air. It would be great if you got lost because at least you'd have half an hour of music to listen to.


#2 Jethro Tull- "Thick as a Brick" (43:50)

This song was thought at first to have been poems from a fictional character. They were actually poems by real life character, frontman and flutist Ian Anderson. Apparently he enjoyed endless lyrics and endless whistling. 


#1 PCIII- "The Rise and Fall of Bossanova" (13:23:32)

This song required episodes on Youtube. Bob watched 1 and then the ending of the last one. He feels as if he heard the entire song in those few minutes. Here's part 1. 

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