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The Benefits Of Slowing Down And Taking A Deep Breath

Sometimes Even A Prime Minister Does Some Yoga

Bob recently has been feeling stressed. It's hard to believe, trust us we know!

The truth of the matter is that no one is impervious to stress. Here at the office, we even had BOBFM stress balls made for those times when things are a bit overwhelming. 

Bob likes to live by the motto of "not sweating the small stuff." However, sometimes, it's hard to sift through what can feel like really really BIG stuff. 

We encouraged Bob to get in to some yoga, that he might like the fact that you can practically fall asleep on the mat in class and you'd be a yoga guru in no time! That definitely piqued his interest. So did GOGA and DOGA, but that's a whole hipster scene unto its own. 

While scrolling through the interweb this morning, he saw an article about a Prime Minister doing yoga as a morning routine. And he thought, "Prime Ministers definitely get stressed! I should follow this guy." Narendra Modi shared on Twitter his morning yoga routine and Bob admitted to feeling more relaxed even just after watching.

Just you wait, we might be getting updates from Bob at HotYoga!

Check out Prime Minister Modi and his peaceful morning routine. 

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