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Cafe in Budapest Provides Customer Service in a Whole New Way!

Who needs humans for some good company?

­Robots are now hanging out with us! At least in Hungary.

A new café called Enjoy Budapest Café is not the typical place you’re used to going to for some food and drinks. The café is entirely staffed by robots.

An IT company opened Enjoy Budapest Café with the intentions of helping the public get acquainted with the technologic advancement in automation and artificial intelligence.

Check out the article to see photos of the interactive robots!

Now you might be wondering what these robots even do… well they do it all!

Some are waiters, some hang with the kids, while others provide entertainment by conversing with customers. They even tell jokes and know how to rock some dance moves.

However, these robots don’t function on their own. The café has increased their employment with twice as many IT specialists to fully operate the 20 robots.

Looks like robots still need us after all!

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