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Couple That Met on Jury Duty and Got Married in the Same Courtroom

Most of us treat jury duty as a punishment. It's a day off from work but you don't get to sleep in, don't get to hang out and home, and you have to sit in a cold room for almost 8 hours. It's basically like going to work!

Unless you're 31-year-old guy Kris Gerig from New Orleans who managed to find love with his fellow juror.

Back in 2015, Gerig was the foreman and 28-year-old Sarah Abbot. was an alternate.  So she had to just sit there and listen to the whole thing but didn't get to vote in the end.

She's still happy she ended up on the jury though.  Because she and Kris started talking during the breaks.  Then after the trial was over, they began dating.

And last Wednesday, they got married in the same courtroom where the trial happened.

They even got the same judge to officiate. 

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