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Everything's Back To Normon, Rugrats To Be Revived For TV and Film...Maybe?

A Supposed Revival of Rugrats Is in the Works And We're All Hoping It's True

Bob sometimes wonders if something's really are just too good to be true? He recently read that they were going to be reviving Rugrats and also making a live-action movie. Then, he heard it was not a real story! He has  been questioning reality ever since. 

It was announced a couple of weeks ago that they would be reviving the hit Nickelodeon show, Rugrats, and Paramount was to be releasing a live-action film in 2020. Everyone's hopes and dreams came true. But, in conversation with people from a different source, it was not real news. What is real? 

Bob so far has only found sources that say it is truly happening. 

Check out some of these websites that say it's a real thing!

Article On Rugrats Revival

Article 2 On Rugrats Revival

Article 3 On Rugrats Revival

Bob wants you all to come to a conclusion yourselves. And hopefully, they announce it as real for real soon because Bob would love to know if he should be making time in his day to watch Rugrats.

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