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KFC Unveils Chicken & Waffles

In Select Cities & Stores

KFC dropped the mic when they revealed their new menu item, the glorious paradox known as Chicken & Waffles!

Then they went straight for the heart with a samari sword having said the three fatal phrases:

select cities

participating stores

for a limited time!

Bob literally shed a tear. It was the most adorable reaction we've seen to date from him. 

One doesn't HAVE to get chicken & waffles from KFC, they can be had anywhere without the hassle of going all the way to South or North Carolina to try KFC's particular style of the dish. But, then, you wouldn't be Bob.

His goal was to:

drive to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Find the participating KFC and order as many orders of chicken & waffles as his tum tum would house.

Take a nap.

Drive back in time for next work day. 

Full proof genius plan that did not succeed because yes, in Bob fashion, he didn't necessarily "plan" this goal, he just up and left the moment he heard the news. 

He hasn't made it back yet...


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