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Lunchables to Launch New Product Called Brunchables

Lunchables for Breakfast?

Lunchables launching Brunchables? Is this real life? Yes it is.


Lunchables announced their new breakfast product called Brunchables on Tuesday, which made people automatically think that it was some kind of April Fools’ joke.


But you can’t blame them. The brand took advantage of the annual celebration and teased their followers via Twitter about the new product. Take a look at the thread:



brunch thread


All jokes aside, it is not a prank! The new packed meals will be breakfast sandwiches with a muffin on the side. You’ll have the option to pick bacon and cheese, breakfast ham and cheese, or breakfast sausage and cheese.


Fans were given the chance to be the very first to try the new product by signing up for a giveaway.


Although there is no official launch date, be sure to keep an eye out at your local grocery store, the products will be coming out very soon!


Photo Credit: Lunchables

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