Olé! GOOOOAALLL! Mexico Wins Opening Match!

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Olé! GOOOOAALLL! Mexico Wins Opening Match!

Mexico vs Germany 2018 FIFA World Cup Opening Match Breakdown By Bob

Bob likes to keep up with the happenings of current events and situations.

He is very much aware that the FIFA 2018 World Cup is happening, it's truly hard to miss. He's also aware that Mexico won their opening match against the defending champions Germany in a giant 1-0 upset!

What he's unaware of is the over all rules of soccer. Bob unfortunately gets excited when someone gets excited, not actually knowing if it was one team or the other that was doing something good. When people ask what team he's going for, he responds with "the one that wins."

The other day in the office he wore a jersey supporting "Olé Soccer." We all laughed and said "that's not a team, that's a chant." His sole retort, "Google." 

It is a club, true, and it is also a chant. Somehow, he's totally with it. 

His rundown this morning of 90 minutes was in 9 seconds. It went something like this:

Mexico was super duper fast.

Germany barely had the ball.

Mexico had a goalie, Germany had a goalie.

Germany's goalie failed.

The game is 90 minutes long.

That's a lot of beers.

Mexico WON! 

We had to keep making sure he understood that was 1 match out of many more to come because he kept saying, "MEXICO WON THE WORLD CUP!"

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