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Opposites Attract in Music Collabs Too! Here’s Four Unexpected Duos That Somehow Worked

There are few things better than when two great artists come together for a performance or new track, but have you ever heard a new collab and wondered how in the world those two ended up together? Us too. All the time. Here’s a few tracks where two musical opposites came together for some genre-blending magic!


Shaggy and Sting - “Don’t Make Me Wait”

Shaggy and Sting. Now that’s two artists we never expected to see in the same room together, let alone collaborating on new music together! They’ve got an entire full-length album on the way and we're pretty shocked that it actually works. Check out the first taste of the upcoming "island-inspired" album 44/876below with the new music for their debut collaborative single, "Don't Make Me Wait".



Elton John and Eminem - "Stan" 2001 GRAMMY Performance

This confusing duo first came together for their iconic 2001 GRAMMYs performance of Eminem's hit "Stan", with Elton John filling in for Dido on piano and vocals, and they have continued to surprise the world since by remaining close friends to this day! The pair frequently name drop each other and even interviewed each other once for Interview magazine, where they discuss first meeting for the GRAMMYs (which was Eminem's idea, by the way), new music, and getting sober. See the duet that brought the BFFs together below.



Loretta Lynn and Jack White - "Portland, Oregon"

Maybe these two aren't quite opposites but the collaboration was still unexpected nonetheless: White Stripes frontman Jack White and legendary country singer Loretta Lynn turned the music world on its head when they shared the news that White would be producing Lynn's 39th studio album, Van Lear Rose, in 2003. The record received nearly universal acclaim, peaking at #2 on the Billboard Country charts and being featured on many "Best Album" lists of the decade!  Luckily for us White did a little more than just produce the record, and stepped up to the mic for one duet with Lynn, titled "Portland, Oregon". Listen below:



Lou Reed and Metallica - "Sweet Jane"

In a story similar to that of Elton John and Eminem, Lou Reed and Metallica were also paired together for an awards ceremony performance where they collaborated on a cover of Reed's classic "Sweet Jane" for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 25th Anniversary Concert. The quintet got along so famously that they decided to continue collaborating beyond that night, eventually releasing an entire album together two years later (and what would later become known as Reed's final album before his passing in 2013); Lulu. See the performance that sparked their creative partnership below.


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