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Paul McCartney Mysteriously Teases Possible New Project “Egypt Station”

Yesterday, Sir Paul McCartney celebrated his 76th birthday, and gifted his fans on Instagram an exciting little tidbit of something (we’re not sure what, exactly) called the “Egypt Station.” The post, an animated short video, shows two red pyramids, palm trees and the letters “PMC,” as the title “Egypt Station” is spelled out above it. Perhaps the most significant part of the post is what can be heard in the background – a jumbled mix of what sounds like an angelic choir, a horn and, this could be wishful thinking but – behind-the-scenes scuffling in a recording studio?!

The caption simply reads “#PaulMcCartney #EgyptStation.”

Why the mysterious lack of details Paul? Surely this means new music, right? For now, your guess is as good as Bobs.

With the former Beatles member visiting Austin in October to headline this year’s ACL Festival, - *shrieks with excitement* - we’re even more thrilled about the idea of possibly hearing NEW music live from the British icon’s already-stacked potential set list.

As one Instagram commenter eloquently put it, “Where is the album we want the damn album where is the album we want the damn album.”

Bob is refusing to comment on if this was him. Check out the post below:

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#PaulMcCartney #EgyptStation

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