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Selena Shopping Bag?

For Selena's Birthday, Bob Got A Selena Themed HEB Shopping Bag

Bob knows and understands fully the struggle of forgetting to bring one or multiple bags when gone out for Sunday shopping. Every single time the clerk asks him "do you need a bag?" Bob shakes his head in disappointment because the answer to the HEB clerk is always "Yes, yes I do."

But wait! HEB came out with Selena themed bags? Whoop, there it is! Bob knew he had to get some, but, how? The Selena bags sold out almost instantly and people started putting them up on ebay for unreasonable amounts. I mean, tempted as Bob may have been, he knew 50 buckaroos for a shopping bag was a bit of a reach. 

But wait! Fiesta de la Flor, a Selena themed 2 day music festival in Corpus was giving them away for free?! Whoop, there it is, again! So where did Bob spend his weekend you might wonder? Or, you've already guessed it; he spent it in Corpus for a 2 day music festival dedicated to Selena to get his free HEB Selena themed bag.

Here are some highlights from the festival, just in case you weren't as driven as Bob about the trek to Corpus for your free bag. And all this the weekend before Selena's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Selena!

- Droves of Selena Fans came to celebrate her life at Fiesta de la Flor 2018





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