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Valentine's Day Freebies and Deals

Cupid may only work one day a year but BOB has every intention of taking advantage of it!

The folks at Thrillist put together a huge list of deals but these are the one's BOB was willing to put his stamp on.


The mobile shopping app is offering a free(-ish) glass of champagne today when you log into the app and tap the "Champagne Toast" button. Then you have a glass of champagne anywhere that you please, take a pic of the receipt, and the app will give you a free $5 coupon to spend on whatever you'd like. 


Bring a photo of your ex into Hooters, put it through a shredder and you'll get 10 free boneless wings with an order of 10 wings. You can also "shred" the photo online and get a coupon for your takeout items. BOB recommends doing this while listening to "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake.

McAlister's Deli

Parents, BOB didn't want your little ones to be left out of things. Over at McAlister's Deli, when you purchase an adult meal today, you get up to two free kid's meal. 

California Pizza Kitchen

Grab a deal for two at California Pizza Kitchen. It's an appetizer, two entrées, and a dessert for $35.


Out to lunch today? You might be seeing a lot of proposals at Panera! Today, if you propose at a Panera and share a photo of it, Panera might cater your wedding. More details here.

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