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Freddy Fabris wanted to translate the works of the masters into his chosen field of photography. Something was missing, however. Then he realized what he needed: auto mechanics! Enter a mid-western auto shop and the "models" who work there.
Shag carpet. A sign above the kitchen entrance that reads: EAT! Naugahyde, velour and bean bags. A couple in Los Angeles have put together a 1970's themed playground...or nightmare, depending on your opinion of day glo porch furniture and beaded curtains. There's even "secret"...
Sure, by mid-February, all those New Year's resolutions are a distant memory. What if, however, there was a workout routine where all you needed was an inviisble guitar and rockin' tunes? Read on!
Need some cheering up? This video should do it. Jumping across decades of film, including everyone from Howard The Duck to Baby Not In Her Corner, this one will make you sweat. Indeed.
A fella named Steve is eating 61 year old military M.R.E. food rations, including the peanut butter, and is posting them on the Youtubes. You, too, will say, "WHY!?!"
"First, I cast a circle and called in earth, air, fire and water, and then I called in Mercury, the messenger and communicator. Then I went into a trance state, and all I was doing was feeling. I literally feel [the virus...
Needing a new look for spring? How about swanning around the office in the latest style from Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán?
...dial 1-900-bald white guy and kick those family appropriate thoughts.. .
...Bob tried this with shallots in his shorts but it didn't have the same effect.