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BOB's ACL Survival Guide

Everything you'll need for a perfect ACL experience!


Free Shuttles!


For first time festival goers and Uber users, ACL tickets include a free Uber ride, so use it!

Uber prices will be at a premium but it's still better than driving yourself.

You can always take an Uber to downtown and then walk from there.


My personal choice of travel to ACL. Walking to Zilker from Tarrytown is a great option where you can use the trails that cut through the city. I find that walking adds to the experience of chill festival vibes.


This is probably the most widely used method of transportation to ACL. The festival grounds provide huge bike racks. Just remember to bring your bike lock. There are also plenty of bike rental areas around downtown with reasonable costs.

Don't Drive...

Traffic will be a nightmare and parking is an extra charge and hassle, not to mention the availability is little to none. Make your life 10X easier and DON'T DRIVE. 



The key is to be prepared for some serious sunshine and heat.



-water bottle (there are many water bottle filling stations for your convenience)

As for clothing, make sure you wear something comfortable and light.


-cotton clothing

Shoes should be close-toed and again, comfortable.


-NOT sandals or flipflops

-boots (in case it gets muddy)

I would recommend you bring a bathing suit to take dips in Barton Springs when the heat gets too much.

-bathing suit

The best thing to bring to store your items is a small backpack or crossbody purse.


What to bring:

The key is to travel light. When you register your ACL wristband, be sure to connect it with you credit card. That way, you can pay through your wristband and won't need to bring any cards with you.



-small blanket (to sit on the grass)


-granola bars


ACL has a phenominal lineup this year and we hope these tips will help make your experience that much more wonderful!








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