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Selfies Twice as Deadly as Shark Attacks!

This year's statistics show...

According to the Huffington Post, selfie-related accidents have killed more people this year than unprovoked shark attacks. Although both of these fatalities are quite rare, the statistics are interesting.

While 6 people have died of unprovoked shark attacks this year, 12 people have died of injuries related to taking a selfie.

The list of all 12 selfie fatalities were listed on Wikipedia. Here they are:

1. An American woman fell to her death while taking a selfie with her boyfriend on a cliff in South Africa.

2, 3. Two Russian men were killed while taking a selfie with a hand grenade.

4,5,6. Three Indian students were killed by an oncoming train while taking selfies on train tracks.

7. A Romanian teenager was electrocuted when she was taking a selfie on top of a train and touched a high-voltage wire.

8. A Russian teen was also electrocuted after touching live wires while taking a selfie near railway tracks.

9. A Russian woman shot herself in the head while trying to take a selfie with a gun.

10. A woman in Moscow City died falling from a bridge, where she was trying to take a selfie.

11. A teenager in Houston, Texas, fatally shot himself while taking a selfie with a gun.

12. A Japanese tourist died falling down the stairs while taking a selfie at the Taj Mahal.

 There is evidence that more selfie-related deaths have occured but were not filed as such and did not make headlines.

Moral of the story: Look both ways before you selfie!!

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