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A Superhero Movie That Will Have You Marveled

Marvel Universe has seen it's fair share of Female Superhero's, but an entire film with the lead as a Woman, that's yet to happen.

Ring the bells, sound the gong, call the troops, send the pigeons; Brie Larson is going to star as the super un-known character Superhero, Captain Marvel. 

Bob has literally no idea who this character is, or for that matter, any Superhero character, he's just seen all the movies for the action - so, no, he's not emotionally invested in whether or not Captain Marvel will have her infamous doohikey's! He's stoked that Marvel Universe is stepping up their game and connecting with THIS Universe and having a Female Lead Superhero!

Captain Marvel (Larson) is an Air-Force Pilot turned Intergalactic Superhero. Film fans know Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) as the mysterious peron Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) pages in the last scene of Avengers: Infinity War. If you haven't seen it, we apologize for the spoiler. If you're like Bob and have only seen the movies not read the comics, Captain Marvel is a mystery!

Which is what makes the idea of an entire movie series based on her character sound so fascinating to Bob. He sees it as "a whole new world to dive in to, like Aladdin." Bob also foresees Captain Marvel Halloween Costumes in the very near future. 

He says "you're welcome Party City / Target / Local Halloween Costume Shops..."

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