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#FeelGoodFriday: Thanks to Donations, Man with Cerebral Palsy Fulfills Dream of Visiting the Beach

It’s finally Friday! BOB wants to send you off on your weekend of fun with a feel-good story he found just for you. Today’s pick: An Alabama man finally got to see the ocean with his own two eyes, thanks to an outpouring of support from his own community.


Even though he was born with cerebral palsy and confined to a wheelchair as a boy, David Thomas had dreamed of going to the beach since he could remember. Last week, that dream came true. It all started when Thomas, who lives more than 250 miles from the nearest beach, saw his childhood friend Izas Fuller’s Facebook pictures from a fishing trip and made a comment like “I wish I could have went with y’all.” Thomas’ wish sparked an idea in Fuller, who decided to gather support from people in the community and raise enough money to rent Thomas a motorized beach wheelchair for two days. When the rental company heard Thomas’ story, they gave him another two days extra – for free.


Last week, 36-year-old Thomas finally got to spend the week hanging out at the beach, going deep-sea fishing, breathing in the salty air and feeling the sand between his toes (his friends poured a bucket of sand on his feet). “I’ve never really seen anything like that before because I never really go anywhere,” he told CNN. “So, to just sit there and look at it with my own two eyes was something amazing.” “This is the best summer vacation of my life,” he added in a Facebook video, watch it below:




Photo Credit: Facebook
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