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#TipTuesday: 3 Ways to Take Advantage of National Relaxation Day

Monday is officially behind us and that means it's officially it’s finally time for Tip Tuesday – where BOB bring's you the inside scoop on all the helpful tips and tricks you can use to help your Tuesday run just a tad smoother. Today’s #TipTuesday falls right before National Relaxation Day! So BOB has put together some ways to make sure you take full advantage and mentally unwind on August 15th!

Take advantage of our longer days

A lot of us in Texas may prefer to keep inside during the hotter months but research shows that spending time outdoors reduces our tendency to focus on the negative aspects of our lives and increases positive feelings overall. Here in Austin, we're lucky to have a multitude of beautiful landscapes to do exactly this! So, hit up Zilker Park with your pup for a walk or head over to Lady Bird after work to unwind.


Stay Connected

School is back in session for certain parts of the Austin-area and with that brings hectic schedules for parents, teachers, and students.  It's important to remember to schedule time every week to shut down, unplug and reboot. That can come in the form of a quick getaway out of town - or even to see Celine Dion in Las Vegas, taking a technology break, or sitting down with a good book. Recharge yourself and reconnect with yourself and with your family. 



Get a hobby

Remember when you had time for projects that didn't involve work or your kids? Whether you liked to paint, sing, write, bake, studies have shown that engaging in artistic activity has a variety of health benefits by relieving stress and symptoms of depression. 




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