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#TipTuesday: Teachers Offer Tips for Parents to have a Successful School Year

School is back in session here in Austin! And just like every school year, it's not just kids that have to work extra hard to have a successful year, it's parents too! As always, BOB is here to help with this with a few tips from Good Housekeeping! Teachers across the country were asked by the magazine to share what they think parents should hear for help during the school year.  These are nine big takeaways to remember:

  • Teachers' schedules don't always allow for an immediate response to emails. Please be patient.
  • Showing kids that reading is part of life (rather than homework) is so important.  
  • Parents need to get stricter about their children's phones.
  • And we should try to put our phones away more often too!
  • Energy drinks are not good for kids and don't set them up for a good day at school.
  • Understand that a child's behavior at school is not always the same as at home.
  • Mistakes on homework are OK.  Fixing it FOR our kids isn't helping them.
  • Teachers are human.  They need our help and encouragement too. 
  • Teachers genuinely care about our kids.


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