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Random Facts About Nov. 17

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TGIF! November 17th has been a pretty great day in history for music releases and for some very special birthdays: take a little break and reminisce with us for a bit before you get started on your weekend!


1978 –  On November 17, 1978 CBS broadcast The Star Wars Holiday Special, a music spin-off featuring the cast of the first Star Wars film. The hour and a half long special utilized a variety show format with comedy bits and cartoons, and is notorious for never being rebroadcast or released on home video due to its horribly negative reception.



1984 - Wham!'s insanely catchy single "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" finally reached #1 on the Billboard charts, a whole ten weeks after its debut, and kept the top title for three additional weeks. The song became an international hit, eventually earning platinum status in the US, Canada, and double platinum in Australia.



1997 - On this day in 1997 Shania Twain's second studio album, The Woman in Me, earned itself the highly coveted multi-platinum/diamond status for selling over 10,000,000 records. The Canadian country star's record has continued to be one of her most successful releases, and has now sold over 20 million copies to date.



1998 - Record stores across the United States were flooded with a huge wave of new releases from music superstars including Garth Brooks' Double Live, Whitney Houston's My Love is Your Love, and Mariah Carey's #1's all being released on this day.



And lastly, we've got to wish a happy birthday to Danny Devito, RuPaul, and Jeff Buckley, who were each born on this day in 1944, 1960, and 1966 respectively. 


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