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Random Facts about Sept. 13

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September 13th has been an impressively eventful day throughout history! Come take a stroll with us down memory lane as we reflect on some pivotal moments in pop culture history that all went down on September 13th.



September 13, 1997: "Honey" by Mariah Carey becomes a #1 Billboard hit, becoming "only" her 12th single to reach #1 status. It's no wonder that in 2017 Mariah Carey is still on top, maintaining her rightfully-earned spot as the third best-selling female artist in history.



September 13, 1996: On this fateful afternoon at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, rapper Tupac Shakur took his final breaths, six days after being attacked in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. The circumstances surrounding the shooting are still shrouded in mystery and hotly debated over to this day, as Tupac's memory and his music still live as strong as ever in the hearts of millions of fans across the world.



September 13, 1990: Thursday evening on NBC, a little show called Law & Order made its television debut. Law & Order quickly became an NBC primetime mainstay, contuining on for a total of 20 seasons and becoming the longest-running hour-long primetime TV show to date.



September 13, 1987: 'Bad', Michael Jackson's seventh studio album, reaches #1 status and remains in the top five for a whopping 38 weeks, earning Jackson an 18x Platinum record to add to his list of massive hits. Five of the singles from 'Bad' reached #1 as well, including "Bad", "I Just Can't Stop Loving You", "The Way You Make Me Feel", "Man in the Mirror", and "Dirty Diana".



September 13, 1986: Based on Paul Reuben's popular stage show, 'Pee-wee's Playhouse' made its TV debut as a Saturday morning children's program on CBS. The star of the show, Pee-wee Herman, was the center of multiple televsion shows and feature films and is remembered as one of the most iconic characters of the 1980's.



September 13, 1986: Classic 80's track "Take My Breath Away" by Berlin reaches #1 on the Billboard charts. Written for the movie 'Top Gun', "Take My Breath Away" was and still is a hugely popular song that received both the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Original Song.



September 13, 1984: KISS releases their 12th studio album, 'Animalize'. It was their biggest-selling album since 1979's 'Dynasty' and reached platinum status with hits such as "Heaven's on Fire".



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