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Some kids grow up wanting to be a fireman or some sort of superhero… I grew up always wanting to be on the radio. It was so bad, that I used to make radio station signs on building blocks with Crayons. Thinking back on that, it was obvious I would be no graphic designer!

From the early days, I played DJ with my portable tape recorders and sisters record collections. Growing up in Austin, I tried to emulate all the DJ’s I heard on the old KNOW and K-98 but somehow I never sounded quite up to their level. This continued for years until my sisters finally got sick of me ruining all their albums with my Mickey Mouse record player.

My senior year in high school, I got an internship at KVUE-TV and helped produce the morning newscasts with Deborah Duncan. She was quite an inspiration and I had a great time, but it made it even more clear to me that radio is where I really wanted to be. So my freshman year at college, I harassed the student radio station at Texas Tech to give me a shift. Boy, was I bad… but it was a start. While in Lubbock I worked for country, alternative and Top 40 radio stations before coming back to Austin and pounding on every door for an opportunity in ‘the big leagues’.

The door opened in ’91 when I got my foot in the door at 96.7, KHFI. I did everything from washing the van to weekend overnight shifts just to prove my worth. And it paid off! Soon I was getting better shifts, getting more opportunities and getting noticed. We had an amazing team there and all loved everything about that place. So what would any rational person do? Leave for another opportunity. I packed up everything I owned and took a gamble moving to San Antonio to sign-on a brand new radio station… Mix 96.1. It may only be an hour down 35, but San Antonio and Austin are worlds apart, but I soon found and assembled another fantastic team there and we had a great run! After about 5 years management announced ‘they were taking another direction’ and I came back to Austin to try my luck at a ‘real job’.

My only other ‘real’ jobs beside radio were working at Safeway and Taco Bell. So for some reason I thought a sales position would be a perfect move for me. NOPE! After struggling to make ends meet for over a year, the greatest opportunity came along. Bob called and invited me to join the crew at his new radio station. What a great chance, but Bob did things so differently it was like re-learning everything I knew. Didn’t take long to realize I LOVED the way Bob did things. Laid back, simple, and there’s music everywhere! I sometimes ask myself, “And I Get Paid For This?”

Evan Shipe headshots holding cat  EVAN | 2PM-7PM



Evan wants to live in a world filled with radio waves, longer nights, and understanding neighbors.  More on the neighbors in a second.

As a DJ/Music Architect™ with more years of experience than just about anyone except BOB, he's been playing the hits all over the map and across the decades.  In Dallas, No one was better at delivering heartfelt dedications for callers on his evening show at the Young Country affiliate.

He and Kidd Kraddick...yes, THE Kidd Kraddick, (http://bit.ly/1QWv1yY ) were the team at KEGL.  Great days for Dallas radio!

When Radio Disney hit the national airwaves, Evan was the one who welcomed Mickey to his new home in radio for the first time.   
So, why Austin, if Dallas was so great?  Well, we're back to the neighbors thing.  Evan also happens to be a drummer.  Dallas is noisy enough at 2am.  At least that's what his neighbors said.  So, he headed south to find some space to call his own.  Now he's living the dream and you get to live it with him through BOB.

Shelly Knight  SHELLY | 7PM-12M

For over a decade Shelly Knight made the Austin airwaves her home. She was heard on KOOL 99, Key 103, Oldies 103, Mix 94.7, Z-Rock and Majic 95.5. Now she returns to the air to host the mid-day show on Austin’s new Star 93.3 and nights on 103.5 Bob-FM. Shelly had been an Austin resident for over 25 years and worked as both as an on-air personality and as a teacher in A.I.S.D.

Outside her broadcasting and teaching career Shelly fronts her own original rock band and is the female lead singer with The Rockin’ Gospel Project. Shelly resides in vintage home in funky South Austin where she enjoys spending time with her lead guitar player/fiancé Fred and her teenage son Antone, and her five rescue animals.