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BOB's 9@9- 1977

Wednesday, January, 24th

Stevie Wonder                                                              -I Wish                        
Foreigner                                                      -Feels Like The First Time     
Pablo Cruise                                                      -Whatcha Gonna Do              
Rose Royce                                                                 -Car Wash                      
Aerosmith                                                              -Walk This Way                 
Climax Blues Band                                         -Couldn't Get It Right         
10CC                                                                 -Things We Do For Love         
James Taylor                                                       -Your Smiling Face             
Leo Sayer                                              -You Make Me Feel Like Dancing 

Bob Explains His 1977- Using the force, 101:

Being told, "may the force be with you" at any moment, by anyone, can certainly make someone feel like they can do anything. When Lay's potato chips challenged the world with their slogan, "betcha' can't have just one," Bob knew it was time to use the force. Bob explains that he took their challenge personally, but, it was too bad he could never prove them wrong. He remembers having the force alright, the force to eat every single chip, shake the bag directly into his mouth, and wipe his fingers on his pants. Touché Lay's, touché. 

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