Well Well, I’m having such a great time in the cab of the Ram 1500 Lone Star Silver Edition, but I can’t forget about a Ram Exclusive. The Ram Box Cargo Management System. Video of RAM BOX KBPA
Hi, it’s Evan here from Bob FM in my Ram 1500 Lone Star Silver Edition truck, giving it a test drive on the fastest highway in the U.S. Check it out: Video of Ram Truck KBPA 1
Bob thinks "clean your room" is NOT on the list!
"Vegetarians are going to have a cow over this. Oh, wait, they already are." Check out the full secret in the link below.
Other than learning how to win a game of beer pong, or how to do a keg stand, Bob's liberal arts degree hasn't helped HIM much in the real world. Check out what these recent college grads have to say.
Watch this accomplished little rabbit push a cart of beer to his owner! The stakes have now been raised for all household pets!
Who wouldn't love to sit down for a fancy Christmas dinner in the real Hogwarts Great Hall. Some of Harry Potter's greatest scenes were shot in this marvelous set location. Warner Bros. will have the area decorated for the guests' entertainment with delicious food! http://time...
Amazon's new program dubbed Amazon Flex, plans to get packages to their customers' doorsteps faster than ever! They are now hiring people around the city of Austin to deliver packages. What a great way to earn extra cash, much like Uber, Lyft, and Favor! Check out the full...
Meet Fritz! An adorable Golden Retriever who's videos have gone viral. Today, he is dressed as a lion and looks quite like one too...we had to do a double-take! The video is titled, "Lion Sighting in California". Check it out in the link below!