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#FeelGoodFriday: Two Teachers Donated Their Kidneys and Saved Eight Lives

The start of a new school year has begun across the Austin-Area! Because of this, BOB wanted to take a moment to highlight two educators in particular that went above an beyond their calling to educate our young ones.

According to the Today Show, 56-year-old guy Neil Emmott was diagnosed with kidney disease back in 2001. Two years ago, he received news that he needed a transplant.  And in 2017, things became desperate after his wife and brother found out they weren't eligible to donate. Out to the rescue was the first-grade teacher of Emmott's daughter who said she wanted to donate. 

Fort Lauderdale resident Allison Malouf was aware of what the process was because and her husband Jason donated a kidney to someone else about ten years ago. But when she got tested, it turned out she wasn't a match either.

But then a pre-school teacher Neil knew named Britani Atkinson secretly got tested, and she was a match.  The only problem was her kidney was too small for Neil.  So she set up what's called a "chain" donation.

First, she donated her kidney to someone in Boston.  Then in return, Neil got a kidney from someone in California.  The surgeries happened last September.  And the chain donation actually ended up saving four people's lives.  But it doesn't end there.

Remember Allison who wasn't a match?  Even though she couldn't help Neil, she still wanted to donate.  So two months later, she kicked off another chain donation that was able to save four more lives, including the life of a 14-year-old boy. 


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